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Visit the many Beaux Villages along the Lot and Cele rivers.
St Cirq Lapopie-voted most beautiful village in France
Pre-historic cave drawings of Pech Merle and underground world and river of Padirac
Figeac Historic town and Musee Champollion
Chateaux Cennevieres and Laroque Toirac
The Grand Sites du Midi Pyrenees
Conques, Najac, Villefranche de Rouergue, Cordes sur Ciel, Rocamadour, and not to forget

Autoire..Cascade d'Autoire.


All this located within 40 km from the Lodge

Visit the various Brocantes,  Vide Greniers, 
Boutiques and Markets of Cajarc, Cahors, Figeac, Villefranche de Rouergue and truffle Markets of Lalbenque and Limogne en Quercy.

Figeac, a short 5 min. drive from the Lodge, is one of the most beautiful towns in the Lot with a particularly well-preserved heritage of medieval houses/restaurants/shops/wine bars and town palaces. The man who deciphered the hieroglyphs on the Rosetta stone, the Egyptologist Champollion, was also born here. On Saturday morning you can enjoy the scents and colors and to meet up in order to folk to catch up the latest local news and gossip that atmosphere of the market, held in the medieval part of the city.


In the Aveyron, Lot & Cantal there is plenty of opportunity for good food. You have the Auberges (inns), Bistros and restaurants with a Michelin star. The Auberges are often simpler restaurants but no less tasty. Here, local regional dishes from the area or from their own farm are often served.

A mid-mountain resort for Alpine and cross-country skiing, Le Lioran is located in the Laveissière municipality, amid the Mounts of Cantal in the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park. Covering 150 hectares, Le Lioran is the biggest ski area in the Massif Central, and its pistes among the pines are suitable for all levels of skiing ability.

In summer, snow activities make way for hiking, offering a chance to look at the flora and fauna, along with mountain biking, tennis, mini-golf and Alpine coaster rides.

A cable car departing from the resort will take you close to the top of the Plomb du Cantal in 10 minutes. Once you are up there, a path will lead you to the highest point of the Mounts of Cantal in twenty minutes or so, for stunning views over the Massif Central peaks.


Gouffre de Padirac

An almost 100m. deep natural well that gives access to beautiful galleries and extensive caves, once carved by a subterranean river. Once you have arrived at the bottom (with elevator or stairs) you step into a boat and take a trip on the river.

The village of Cabrerets would perhaps not be so well known if it did not house the famous caves of Pech Merle.

Yet this village nestled in the hollow of the cliff of Rochechourbe deserves a look. At the confluence of the Sagne valley and the Célé valley, it is also only a few kilometers from Saint-Cirq-Lapopie. 
The Lot has its Lascaux: the Grotte du Pech-Merle in Cabrerets. But here, we visit the real decorated cave. Horses, mammoths, bison, punctuated with dots, lines, hands: what a frieze! All in a natural decor of concretions that enhances the beauty of the paintings. The whole is 25,000 years old and leaves you speechless…


Conques - It has many popular attractions, including Village de Conques, Église Abbatiale Sainte-Foy, tucked away in the forest it looks like the village comes straight out of a fairytail. Its tiny little houses and streets makes gives a very cozy feeling. Sometimes you had a feeling you was walking on a movieset instead of the actuall village.

On top of being a Unexco World Heritage Site, Conques is also listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France. What else do you need to know?! The name mean "shell". There are two rivers there: the Dourdou and the Ouche. The area is hilly with cliff formations. The region is quite green even in the summer.

Beautiful medieval town that is definitely worth a visit if you are in the area. You can park for a fee in a spacious parking lot

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